We are driven by the belief that data is a core driver to success in academic endeavours. Data is always speaking so much that it “echoes”. We just pause.


About Us

An analytics company founded on the belief that “data is ripe to give education the transformative jolt it needs.” Effective interpretation of data can be used to better understand student needs and employ strategies to differentiate instruction.

How DataEcho works

We offer a lens into three core qualities that will improve learning:


Information can be easily relayed to students about their performace relative to learning goals or their outcomes.


Tailoring instruction to individual needs is necessiated through our robust empirical tool.

Probabilistic Prediction

Prediction helps you gain valuable insights about future results. It can be readily applied to help guide strategies that enable better performance.

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Organisations we've collaborated with on data analytics projects for corporate & school LMS's

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“ Gone are the days when teachers had to page through chunky exercise books with scattered student marks. That system was rigid and carried limited ability. With DataEcho, you can expect to discover deeper insights on student performance, pickup on trends quickly, and promptly act to assist struggling students. All thanks to the platforms ability to harness that data, and add meaning to it, fit to the teachers context. Less paperwork, increased effectiveness!. “
Tapiwarufaro Ndoro
CEO & Co-Founder

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